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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert (together again) discuss Airbnb's new magazine launch with Hearst. While brand editors have a lot of red tape to work through, some people think content blindness is a real thing. And finally, media companies running to the speed of news (and eyeballs) is killing the truth in news (and maybe creating an opportunity for brands). Rants and raves include newspapers and the FCC.  This week's TOM example: Inbound Marketing (the book).

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TOM: Inbound Marketing by Hubspot
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In this very special Thanksgiving episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert are together again, first discussing the big partnership news between MXM and C3, setting the stage for a content marketing mega agency. Facebook continues to have problems with fake news, and Joe and Robert discuss what the impact will be for brands. Rants and raves include more Facebook and their big measurement issues.  This week's TOM example: Butterball.

This week's news stories:

MXM and C3 Unite to Form the First content Centric Global Agency Network
Facebook Admits It Must Do More To Stop The Spread of Misinformation On Its Platform
7 New Podcast Statistics for 2016
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TOM - Butterball
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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the IAB's latest research on advertising growth...what's right and incorrect about it. In other news, WordPress and Medium are ready to battle website turf, and blogs are getting longer and taking longer to write.  Rants and raves include live magazines and the downfall of the press. This week's TOM example: Autodesk.

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Ad Revenues for First half of 2016 are at an All Time High

New Research: 3rd Annual Survey of 1000+ Bloggers (time, length and tactics
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In this special three-year anniversary (and one million download) episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert dig back into the archives and discuss what's made them successful in their careers.  Then, both discuss what they've seen work and not work in enterprises around the world when it comes to content marketing.  Rants and raves include Forbes and Yahoo!  This week's TOM example: Chief Content Officer (CCO) magazine.

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5 Trends to Watch In Content Marketing For 2017

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In this week's This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss Twitter's decision to kill Vine and why brands and content creators should have known better.  Agencies start to launch print magazines, while IDG's content creation model is one all brand's should emulate. Rants and raves include not starting a podcast and five ways to scare your boss into content marketing.  This week's TOM example: Think with Google. 

This week's stories:

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Twitter Just Shut Down Vine 4 Years After Buying It

Vine Shutdown loss to Black Culture


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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the AT&T/Time Warner merger and what it means for marketing professionals. Email is becoming more important than ever, and the latest APAC content marketing research is dissected. Rants and raves include a new content book and poor, poor Mashable.  This week's TOM example: Pinsent Masons.

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Survey Proves APAC Marketers Have No Idea About Content Marketing

The Complete Guide to Visual Commerce from Curalate:

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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss whether content marketing is actually different than marketing itself, and if it is, does it work? In M&A news, Google Acquires Famebit while more and more publishers search for new media business models. Rants and raves include Donny Osmond and HP Enterprise. This week's TOM example: MassMutual's Society of Grownups.

This week's articles:

Is Content Marketing A Load Of Bollocks

Google Acquires Famebit to Connect Youtube Creators With Brands

Publishers Become Retailers In The Market For Survival

5 Takeaways From Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2016


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THIS OLD MARKETING: Society of Grownups

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In this episode of Pulizzi and Rose with This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the New York Times and their new Flex Frame native advertising unit - and what markets can learn about user experience. The boys then dissect the art of thought leadership, which requires both thought and leadership, while McDonald's YouTube channel goes down, flame-broiled style. Rants and raves include the Twitter sale and Facebook's marketplace launch.  This week's TOM example: Pressed Juicery

This week's show links:

NYTimes Shuns Banner Ads In Favor of Proprietary Ad format

Thought Leadership Disrupted

What McDonalds Has Learned From Its Failed YouTube Channel


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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the results of CMI's 2017 content marketing benchmarks report and find that content marketing is indeed all about building audience.  Rolling Stone finds a buyer; and who really should be the agency in charge of content creation?  Rants and raves include a Robert Rose book review while Mental Floss folds print.  This week's TOM example: Saindbury's. 

This week's show notes:

Singapore-based music startup buys 49% stake in Rolling Stone
Content Marketing Takes A Turn For The Better - New 2017 Research
Content Creation Who’s Job Is It Anyway
ION Interactive and their interactive ebook - 50 Ways to Engage Your Audience

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In this special 150th episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert spend some time talking about what makes a successful podcast, and each ponder on why PNR has lasted this wonderful 2.8 years. In other news, Facebook is public enemy number one for media companies and journalists and Salesforce considers buying Twitter.  Rants and raves include the cost of content marketing and why we do content. This week's TOM example: Petfinder.

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Why Salesforce Might Be Interested in Twitter -

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