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In this episode, Facebook launches YouTube competitor Watch, while Netflix begins a buying spree for content brands. Disney pulls its content from Netflix and Google may possibly still buy Snap. In other news, Quartz has figured out how to deliver real results for branded content and email subscription has never been more important.  Rants and raves include Deadpool and Time Inc. This week's TOM example: J. Walter Thompson.

This week's story links:

Netflix Gets Into The Comic Book Business By Acquiring Millarworld

Disney Will Pull Its Movies from Netflix and Start It’s own Streaming Service

Google Reportedly Offered 30 Billion To Acquire Snapchat


How Quartz Achieved a 90% Renewal Rate On Branded Content

Turning Audience Development Into A Profit Machine

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In the news this week: Apple hits record earnings, Google launches new SnapChat-like ad format, and AI bots begin to create their own language. Detailed analysis includes the marketing opportunity behind long-form content, while Hasbro's deal with Lions Gate goes south.  Rants and raves include Stranger Things and the Facebook/Google duopoly.  This week's This Old Marketing example: and Jim Cramer.

Story links:


Apple Soars After Resilient iPhone Demand

Google Is Developing Tech for SnapChat Like Media Content

Researchers Shut Down AI After It Develops Its Own Language


Long Form Content Boosts Engagement But Can Publishers Do it Right
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In this new-look episode, Joe and Robert cover Lauren Jobs and her purchase of The Atlantic, Facebook's earnings release and what P&G did with $140 million dollars in marketing. The boys then go in-depth on how Hearst is experimenting with ecommerce and why Buzzfeed is launching a skillet for sale.  Rants and raves include media buying and a content marketing swindle.  This week's TOM: General Electric.

This week's story links:

Facebook Earnings - What Marketers Should Note From Facebook’s Second Quarter Earnings

P&G Slashes Digital Ads by 140 Million over Brand Safety.  Sales Rise Anyway.


Hearst Is Experimenting In Commerce And Content

General Electric and Comic books in the 50’s,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%222722384%22%7D
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The boys take aim at Amazon's new social platform Spark (thumbs down), Google's news feed (thumbs up) and Facebook's addition of branded sub-groups (jury's still out). Rants and raves include building something instead of measuring, and the craze to focus on technology over strategy.  This week's This Old Marketing example: Emily McDowell Cards.

This week's story links:

Facebook Is Now Letting Brands and Media Companies Create Their Own Groups Within Pages
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Joe and Robert cover why a number of publishers are cutting their own advertising and how Fender is taking a page from "Killing Marketing" and developing their own guitar lessons. Joe cuts in early for a rant about Gary V's latest post and why it's bad advice for marketers. Robert then rants about programmatic and raves about Deloitte. This week's TOM example: UBS.

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Fender Strums Up Demand With Guitar Lessons

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It's a miracle! In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert actually arrive at a probable solution to Facebook's fake news problem. If only Mr. Zuckerberg were listening.  In other news, the boys discuss research around artificial intelligence and marketing, and how everyone thinks they know but they really don't know.  Rants and raves include agency changes and more AI. This week's TOM example: The US Postal Service.

This week's story links:

Facebook found a new way to identify spam and false news articles in your News Feed

Content Marketers Increasingly Looking to AI To Supplement Marketing Needs
Most Publishers are Lousy At Audience Development - Here’s Why

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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the state of digital advertising based on multiple reactions from the Cannes Advertising Awards in France. In other news, yet another article discusses loathing the term content marketing. Needless to say, Joe and Robert have staunch opinions on the matter.  Rants and raves include CPA Australia and why content creators are crazy. This week's This Old Marketing: Botticelli. 

This week's story links:

The New York Times CEO on state of digital advertising: ‘Nightmarish joke’

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In this very special episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert detail how they write, manage their day, search for content ideas, create PowerPoint presentations and much more. The boys also include some predictions for the last part of the year, (including a SnapChat explosion at Cannes) as well as a TOM from Kawasaki.

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TOM - Kawasaki and Good Times magazine


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This Old Marketing this week includes an overview of the NerdWallet model, and how they went from zero to over $500 million in revenues through a content-first approach. The New York Times is killing it with email newsletters, while the new marketing opportunities are on retention and loyalty.  Rants and raves include net neutrality and YouTube's ad crisis.  This week's TOM example: Mobil.

This week's story links:

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How NerdWallet Went To a $520 Million Company Using Content
The New York Times Now Has 13 Million Subscribers to 50 Email Newsletters
Trust Marketing in the Fake News Era
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Some see Google's ad-blocking plan as a pure goodness for those who want a better digital experience. Others see this as a long-term plan that keeps Google's monopoly in place. Discuss... In other news, Anheuser-Busch buys an online community and the craft brewing industry goes crazy. Rants and raves include authenticity and licensing revenue. This week's TOM example: McKinsey Quarterly.

This week's story links:

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