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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss how P&G is rewriting the rules for agencies and media placement. A slew of publishers are recreating the media business model, while recent Snapchat results could be a sign of Myspace to come. Rants and raves include sensibility and the real way that Twitter will be acquired. This week's TOM Example: General Electric.

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P&G’s Pritchard calls Digital To Group Up - And Adds New Rules

Attack of The Clone

The Reinvention Publishing - Media Firms Diversify To Survive

Pressly’s "Starter’s Guide to Sales Enablement" at



General Electric




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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the Upworthy/Good merger and what it means for more agency/publisher deals.  The boys also discuss the possible revenue models for Medium, and it seems that digital advertising is shrinking for all publishers...except for Google and Facebook.  Rants and raves include and Digital Sense.  This week's TOM example: The Hop Grenade Tap Room and Bottle Shop.

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Leaked Report Shows How Much Money Publishers Make From Platforms Like Facebook, Google and Snapchat

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THIS OLD MARKETING - The Hop Grenade Tap Room and Bottle Shop with The Brewing Network
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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the ongoing battle for content and audiences between publishers, agencies and brands. In other news, the New York Times releases their annual health report, and Joe and Robert distill what a journalist should and should not do.  Rants and raves include commitment and climate change.  This week's TOM example: The People's Choice Awards.

This week's articles:

Publishers Acquiring Marketing Agencies At Unprecedented Rate

Pressly and "The Starter's Guide to Sales Enablement" -

The People’s Choice Awards
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In this "hopeful" episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the Facebook Journalism Project, and why it's great for Facebook and not very good for the media. The boys also cover native advertising in detail this episode, with a take on the advantages and how Star Magazine was slammed by the Better Business Bureau.  Rants and raves include Big Red soda and more on agencies buying media companies. This week's TOM: James Vick and Tennessee Farmer.

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Content Marketing And Native Advertising Will Become More Effective This Year

Star Drops Slim Fast Ads Following Better Business Bureau Challenge
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Rants and Raves
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In this broken pipe episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert talk about Medium's latest pivot while AOL thinks they've discovered a better way to serve up advertising.  In addition, Gary V leads the way for 2017 to be the year agencies started buying media companies. Rants and raves include Tom Brady and long-form content.  This week's TOM example: AARP.

This week's story links:

Renewing Medium’s Focus
Vayner Media Acquires Women’s Publisher PureWow
AOL Hopes These Two New Ad Formats Will Thwart Ad Blocking
Buzzfeed’s Tasty Cookbook Sold Enough Copies To Make It One Of The Bestselling Cookbooks of the Year
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AARP Magazine -
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In this first official podcast of the 2017 year, Joe and Robert discuss the ad fraud "Methbot" issue and what it means for programmatic advertising.  The boys rip to pieces a 2017 trends post, and then outline why native advertising is not the savior some experts thought it was - for both publishers and brands.  Rants and raves include the history of video games and Generation Z.  This week's TOM example: Purina's Chase the Chuck Wagon.

This week's story links:

Methbot - an Ad Fraud Scheme Costs Advertisers $3 million per day

Technology Trends That will Transform Content Marketing

2017 Is Going to Be A Bloodbath - Says beleaguered Independent Publishers

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THIS OLD MARKETING: Purina and Chase the Chuck Wagon




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In this final episode of 2016, Joe and Robert discuss the best of 2016 and add some trends for 2017 including: Facebook and Google will ramp up their content buying efforts next year; Brands will bet big on buying media companies; As publishing continues to diversify its business model, so will marketing.  Rants and raves include George Michael and The Undoing Project from Michael Lewis.  This week's TOM: House Organs.

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This Old Marketing: An Article on House Organs



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In this Christmas edition of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss Facebook's new process around fake news, and why it may prove to be a rather large opportunity for content-driven brands. In other news, the boys discuss why your body of work matters, why some research is really bad and the business models behind sponsored content.  Rants and raves include David Copperfield and a new Altimeter report.  This week's TOM example: Openview Venture Partners.

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TOM EXAMPLE: Build from Openview
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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert dismantle a blog post that insists that content marketing does not exist. In other news, a number of content jobs will be lost to machine learning and Enterprise launches a new digital magazine that looks like sales collateral.  Rants and raves include Scott Galloway and PewDiePie.  This week's TOM: Constant Contact.

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Is Content Marketing Failing Us In B2B

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Writers and Content Marketers

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RANTS AND RAVES't-telling-us/2016/blog
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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the result of focusing too much on Facebook for content distribution. GoPro closes down their media division and CNN hires Casey Neistat to launch a new media property. Rants and raves include and the business case for leveraging content marketing as public relations. This Old Marketing example - UK National Trust.

This week's story links:

Two years after buying Elite Daily, the Daily Mail says the Facebook publisher is worthless

GoPro Cutting 15% of Workforce, Closes Entertainment Unit

How Casey Neistat Used Content Marketing To Sell Beme

CNN to launch new media platform with Casey Neistat


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TOM - The National Trust

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