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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, we saw a flurry of new content-based agencies afoot, including a deal with Daily Mail/WPP/SnapChat, a new content division from the BBC, and the Washington Post launches a freelance network. CBRE launches a new content brand/mini-magazine, while the boys discuss the end, or the beginning, of what might be called television. Rants and raves include Cannes and more Cannes.  This week's TOM example: Tablespoon by General Mills.

This week's story links:

Daily Mail, WPP and Snapchat to Launch Native Advertising Agency

Paired With 

Washington Post Launching Its Own Freelance Talent Service

Paired With

BBC Launching StoryWorks In House Creative Agency

CBRE Extends Content Marketing Program to Online Magazine

How Television Won The Internet

Today’s CMO: At the Intersection of the Brand Experience and Organizational Culture


Acrolinx Global Index Report (


Robert on Cannes:
Joe on Content Marketing Goals via this article:

This week's #ThisOldMarketing: Tablespoon
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In this episode number 84 of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss two major association initiatives - one in Germany and one in Asia - around content marketing.  Both associations have also taken the name "content marketing", which Joe thinks is a pretty big deal.  In addition, Article Bunny launches and the boys talk about new research around the practice of native advertising. And finally, Facebook changes its algorithm again...this time around TTR or total time reading. Rants and raves include a bit of politics and a lession from media business models.  This week's TOM: Game Theory.

This week's story links:

The New Content Marketing Forum and Association in Asia
paired with...
Article Bunny Launches 
Attitudes Toward Branded and Sponsored Content
Sponsor Content: The Role of Webinars in the Buyers' Journey:
Joe on Can Publishers Innovate a Broken Business Model?
This Old Marketing: Game Theory
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In this episode number 83 of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss Twitter's CEO leaving the nest, and the opportunities that remain with Twitter as a broadcasting platform. After discussing digital's "third wave," the boys chat about the Brad Pitt/Netflix deal and why content marketing is in its golden age. In addition, Medium's recent announcement made Joe and Robert obsess about email all over again.  Rants and raves include hating on content marketing and patience in publishing.  This week's TOM example -

This week's story links:

Twitter CEO Calls It Quits:

The Evolution of Twitter:

Digital's Third Wave:

Netflix Distribution Deal a Game Changer:

Medium Budget Cuts and Changes:

Medium Introduces Letters:

Sponsor Content: The Role of Webinars in the Buyers' Journey:


Robert on Content Marketing Haters:

Joe on Patience in Publishing:

This Old Marketing:

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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert go in-depth into Facebook and instant articles, paired with the Apple announcement on launching a news reader platform.  Honda shows us that a good idea can go wrong without a little patience, and the Onion handles sponsored content like a pro.  This week's raves include creative job postings and how a 12-year-old launched a media empire.  The #ThisOldMarketing example of the week:

This week's story links:

Facebook's Deal with Publishers:

A Facebook Love Story:

Apple's News App Announcement:

Honda Holds Off on Being a Media Company:

The Onion Handles Sponsored Content:

Publishers and eCommerce:

Sponsor Content: The Role of Webinars in the Buyer's Journey -

Joe on the 12-Year-Old Media Mogul:

Robert on Creative Jobs Post:

This Old Marketing:

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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert inadvertantly themed this rendition the "Content Inc." episode.  After Joe discusses the new platform launch, the boys dig into Mary Meeker's annual trends report.  Guess what?  Your buyers are now millennials.  And there are quite a few opportunities just right for you (yes, you!).

After a little discussion of how startups can use content marketing, Robert lays out Google's new "Phantom" update, and why content marketing and native advertising are joined but separate.  Raves include Austin City Limits and Travelers Insurance.  This week's TOM example of the week: Band-Aid.

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