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In this episode number 89, Joe and Robert discuss LinkedIn and Google news this week.  LinkedIn limits your right to download contacts and, alas, Google+ is no more (we think). In other news, AOL releases some new content marketing research that may not be about content marketing and we find out that the inbound marketing economy really has nothing to do with inbound marketing.  Rants and raves include a McKinsey report and deals from Univision and HBO.  This week's #ThisOldMarketing example of the week: Flight Centre.

This week's story links:

LinkedIN Quietly removes option to export contacts makes users wait up to 72 Hours for their data archive
Google+ Is No More
AOL CMO Says Content Marketing Is About Value Not Advertising
The Inbound Marketing Economy - Content Marketing Jobs Abound
EW Scripps Acquires Podcast Network
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Robert's Rave: McKinsey and Experience
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In this episode number 88 of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss how more and more how-to videos are being pumped into YouTube, and what marketers need to do about it.  Then the boys chat about major research surrounding trust and culture, both of which need sound content marketing strategies. To cap it all off, our trusty podcasters outline what the top 200 advertisers spent last year, and how content marketing is still such a small thing when it comes to paid media.  Raves include Mark Zuckerberg and Comic-con.  This week's TOM example of the week: Disney.

This week's articles include:

Demand For How-To Content on YouTube Is On The Rose
Consumer Trust Crisis: Companies Excelling in Candor Substantially Outperform the Market
With the Rittenhouse study paired
Beyond The Brand: Culture Takes The Lead As Primary Driver of Long-Term Business Relationships
What The Top 200 US Advertisers Are Doing To Spend Smarter


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#ThisOldMarketing Example: A Disney Infographic
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In this episode number 87, Joe and Robert discuss the new Upworthy business model in detail, and what businesses and marketers can learn from it.  In addition, the boys discuss what, when and why marketers should outsource content marketing, and follow that with a disturbing article about branded content and advertising.  Rants and raves include an HBR article that truly bothered Robert, and an amazing story around the autism education movement from Joe.  This week's TOM example of the week: Kraft Music Hall.

This week's story links:

How Upworthy is using data to move beyond clickbait and curation

Who should handle your content marketing

It’s Just Advertising Dillweed

Americans Are Furious With Marketers
And the actual study:

This week's sponsor: Acrolinx
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Robert's Rant
Comparing the ROI OF Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Joe's Rave
The Forgotten History of Autism (Video)
#ThisOldMarketing example
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In this venerable episode number 86, Joe and Robert discuss why CNN is seeing backlash for their native advertising launch.  After that, the boys explain why print is really the future of digital (stop laughing). In addition, the New York Times sees amazing results leveraging Facebook for their subscription funnel, and Manifest is the latest content marketing agency merger/launch.  Rants and raves include the box office and customer service.  This week's #ThisOldMarketing example: Disney and merchandising.

This week's story links:

CNN To Broadcast Corporate Propaganda As News

The Future Of Digital Is Print

New York Times Finds New Subscribers On Facebook

A New Powerhouse in Content Marketing and Experience Design: Manifest


Acrolinx and the Global Content Impact Index:


Joe on the Power of a Series:

Robert on Customer Service:

TOM Example of the Week: Disney and Merchandising


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