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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert talk briefly about Google, or should we say, Alphabet, before moving on to a critical issue for publishers: Online Display Advertising and its demise.  Then, the boys discuss the hi-jacking of the term "content marketing" and are journalists really content marketers after all.  More content marketing research as well. Raves include Target and Nike's video program.  TOM Example of the Week: Aldus Pagemaker.

This week's story links

Publishers Have Only Themselves To Blame For The Ad Blocking Apocalypse
The Journalists Who Refuse to Admit They’re Actually Content Marketers
Only 2% of Marketers Have “Very Effective” Content Strategy
Also with this…  ContentMarketing Inefficiencies Cost B2B Companies Nearly $1 Billion
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Robert's Rave: Target and Trolls
This week's TOM Example of the Week: Aldus Pagemaker with Roger Parker - 
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