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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, the boys talk investing in content as an asset, starting with an interesting perspective on using evergreen content over temporal content.  Apple looks like they are in the market for a content producer (although probably not Disney...yet) and (drum roll please), content marketing can now be scientifically proven (mic drop).  Rants and raves include the Pope and programmatic data. This week's TOM: Thomas Chippendale.

This week's content marketing news:

Content Marketing And Compounding Returns

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This Old Marketing: Thomas Chippendale
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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss the "Chewbacca Mask" phenomenon and what it means for brands.  Facebook needs to control the theft of content assets and Pepsi launches a content studio, soon to be a regular thing among brands.  Rants and raves include building your personal brand and rented land.  This week's TOM example: Playmobil.

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Facebook needs to make it easier to report stolen videos

Interview with Shane Smith - CEO of Vice
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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss how content marketing and advertising don't compete with each other and, believe it or not, are actually different (to some people's dismay). Facebook acts like a real media company, and influencer marketing is the biggest thing that no enterprise understands how to execute well.  Rants and raves include bots, bots and more bots.  This week's TOM example: OBEY.

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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss UK research that states content marketing/native advertising is predicted to double by 2020. Long-form content actually does have a chance on the smartphone and influencer marketing is not without its struggles.  Rants and raves include two must-read articles on the state of marketing and advertising today. This week's TOM example: McCall's. 

This week's article links:

Content Marketing Spend Predicted to Double In The UK

Good News - People Will Read Your Long Stories On Their Phones

Multi-Channel Networks Content With Ad Buyer Fatigue

Content Commoner Not King

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Media Design Changing IN The Digital Economy

The Audience Takes Charge

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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, the boys discuss the endof the media business as we know it, and follow up with the keys tofinding subscriber success. Native advertising terms continue toconfuse and Marriott shows us what content marketing at scale lookslike.  Rants and raves include audio content trends and whythe human attention span is not eight seconds.  This week'sTOM Example: The origin story behind Red Bull Media House.

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Metrics Meet Magic - How Marriott CMOKarinTimponeReachesNext-GenTravelersThroughIncredibleContent

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