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In this special 150th episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert spend some time talking about what makes a successful podcast, and each ponder on why PNR has lasted this wonderful 2.8 years. In other news, Facebook is public enemy number one for media companies and journalists and Salesforce considers buying Twitter.  Rants and raves include the cost of content marketing and why we do content. This week's TOM example: Petfinder.

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Why Salesforce Might Be Interested in Twitter -

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In this ThisOldMarketing episode, Adblock plus starts their own ad network (or do they?) and the boys discuss the future of advertising. AT&T looks to become a media company (of course) and some people think content marketing is hard to measure. Rants and raves include a lengthy talk about diversity in the event business. This week's TOM example: Walmart World.

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Adblock Is Absolutely Not Launching An Ad Network - But Yes They Are #SorryNotSorry
AT&T Wants to Be A Media Company - Here’s Who They Could Buy
Does The Content Marketing Industry Have a Measurement Problem
ON24 - Get the 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report from ON24 -
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In this post-show Content Marketing World (#CMWorld) edition of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert (of course) discuss the events surrounding this year's big event.  In addition, the boys discussed whether more or less content will win the day for brands, and why YouTube is changing their advertising model pronto.  Rants and raves include new contextual content research and a new content program from Starbucks.  This week's TOM example: Kodak.

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The Future Is More Content - Jeff Bezos, Robots and High Volume Publishing
Advertising Hits a Hurdle
ON24 - Get the 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report from ON24 -
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This very special episode of #ThisOldMarketing is Joe and Robert's 2017 content marketing predictions episode.  We can't tell you what they are in this abstract, but both PNR add three very special predictions each that are sure to actually come true.

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This Old Marketing Example - Loot Crate

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