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Apple's new mobile privacy terms are creating problems for both Snap and Facebook. Twitter showed improvement. Spotify is shining.

eSports and entertainment company FaZe clan is doing a SPAC deal worth about $1 billion dollars US. Joe and Robert believe this type of content and incubator system has legs in the content marketing world.

Disney lowers Disney+ expectations. Can they compete with Netflix?

Rants and raves include a Robert rant - a CB Insights article on brands buying media companies (but not calling it content marketing). Joe raves about NFTs for content creators and Amazon KDP finally offers hardcover books.


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In headline news, former President Donald Trump launches a right-wing social network called TRUTH, and does it inside a SPAC.

Financial services company PayPal sets to acquire Pinterest in what could be the biggest social media deal in over a decade.

And then there's Facebook. For a variety of reasons, Zuckerberg's company is set to rebrand under a new name, supposedly with a new mission around the metaverse. Zuckerland? ZikTok? Zinstagram?

The MarTech Alliance released a new report on the state of marketing technology. Robert breaks down the highlights of the report, and what marketing professionals need to do because of it. Get the report here.

In rants and raves, Robert rants about Advertising Week. Once again, nothing on content marketing. Plus, a four-week rant continues here. Joe raves about this definition of NFTs.

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Meredith's sale says big things about the future of media. Joe and Robert break down the what and why.

Axios says that the creator economy is failing. Why? Because the platforms aren't giving out enough? Because there are big winners and some losers?

The creator economy is a huge success. Change the perspective a bit and see.

Justin Blau has developed a new NFT marketplace for musicians. Could this be the future business model for content creators?

Rants and raves include a huge rave on the Sugar Factory and a continued rant on the lack of calling the practice content marketing.


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This week, Joe and Robert discuss the outage heard around the world...Facebook. What does it mean for marketers and creators?

At the same time, Facebook is dealing with whistleblower allegations on the Hill.

Well, Facebook's stock tanked and worries surrounded the tech giant.

Could Facebook have planned all this? The answer is, maybe. Joe and Robert discuss a number of Facebook conspiracy theories that actually make some sense (if you are drunk or high), from a PR switcheroo to an attack against SNAP and TikTok.

In other news, Chase buys Zagat...with a Chase credit card.

Rants and raves include an in-depth look at YouTube for creators from MatPat and Playboy's strategy takes a turn.


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In this very special Content Marketing World episode, Joe and Robert break down their 2021 keynote presentations, talking about the opportunities in the creator economy, for content entrepreneurs and for content marketing professionals.

Some strategies discussed include:

- Moving from rented to owned land.
- The opportunity in email.
- Trends in social media.
- Social tokens, NFTs and DAOs.
- Content marketing mission statements and more.


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