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Twitter is launching a new version of Spaces. Is this the answer to the platform's woes, or is this just another move to find a "non-Elon" acquirer of the business?

Meta discontinues paying media companies as part of their news feed. But good news! They are adding it on the Instagram side. Is Meta searching to find its way or could they be Microsoft from a decade ago?

We are shocked that payola is happening on podcasts. What needs to be done to combat this?

Rants and raves include commentary from Robert about how Meta is actually in a pretty good position after all. Joe raves about Ryan Reynolds new MNTN ad.

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This week's links:

Twitter Launching New Spaces

Meta Ends Publisher Deals

Meta Alters News Feed

Instagram Adds Payment for Reels

Podcast Payola

Meta Not Doing Poorly

Ryan Reynolds' MNTN Ad


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