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With Joe on another sabbatical, Robert hosts the amazing Paul Roetzer, the world's foremost expert on marketing and AI content. Robert asks Paul the following:

1. How do you think the development of AI-based search affects brands willingness to make content available to search engines? Will people start putting more of their content behind a gate?

2. From a content and marketing perspective – where are you most BULLISH, and where are you most CONCERNED about the impact AI is likely to have in the short and medium term?

3. I’m going to come back to the question that I asked at MarketingProfs, which is – do you think MarketingAI becomes an OS in the Marketing Department?  In other words you Buy Microsoft AI or Amazon AI and it powers your email analytics, headline writing, copywriting, and first-party data pattern matching… OR… Do you think that suite solutions are more likely to just include whatever flavor of AI they buuild into their applications?

4. What are some of the developments in Marketing Artificial Intelligence that we’re NOT talking about? You posted a very interesting thing on Social Media on the assembly and creation of video ( Talk a bit about this development and what ELSE are we NOT talking about that we should be.

This week's link:

AI Concens at Bing and Google

MAICON - The Marketing AI Conference

Paul's Book - Marketing Artificial Intelligence


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