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Oh boy is TikTok in the news this week.

Now more than 150 million Americans use TikTok on a regular basis. The US government believes this is a security risk for multiple reasons. But most people aren't talking about the #1 reason (we discuss this).

Streaming is down from its lofty levels. Will it continue to dip? We think it might. Is there a new streaming model on the way?

And social media is going the way of the DM. What does this mean for marketers?

In rants and raves, Joe raves about Rand Fishkin's ChatGPT rant while Robert rants (again) about zero-party data.

This week's links:

TikTok to 150M

Map of States Banning TikTok

TikTok Gears Up for Congress

Streaming Slowdown

Social Media and the DM

Zero-Party Data Rant

YouTube and Podcasts

Rand's ChatGPT Rant


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