This Old Marketing

The boys are back in real-time talking all things X, Google's podcast moves, and how to drive subscriptions.

X CEO Linda Yaccarino does the company no favors with her interview at Vox's CODE conference. Ads are down. Usage is down. The only thing that can save X might be Linda's couch pants.

Google podcasts is no more. Alphabet decides to cancel the podcast player and move resources over to YouTube. Good move?

And new research is out about who exactly is paying for subscriptions these days. What works and what doesn't?

Rants and raves include US student debt and the end of the writers' strike.

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This week's links:

Linda Yaccarino at CODE conference

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YouTube Launches Subscriber Tools

Paying for News Research

MrBeast Spends $120 million on Videos

US Student Debt Problems

Writers' Strike Details


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