This Old Marketing

Note: This was recorded before Sam Altman was reinstated at OpenAI. Go figure!

Joe and Robert go indepth on the soap opera that is OpenAI, and the ramifications on marketers and content creators.

X sees another exodus of advertisers. Is this the end of the road for the former blue bird?

And TikTok is now used at a key news source for 30 percent of young adults. Should we be scared?

Rants and raves include ideas to save local journalism and Buzzfeed's new business model.

This week's links:

Paul Roetzer's AI Podcast about the History of OpenAI

Sam Altman Returns to OpenAI (added link)

Sam Altman Joins Microsoft

Why OpenAI Blew Up

X Responds to Advertisers Jumping Ship

Media Matters Grills Elon and X

Crisis in Local News

BuzzFeed Shifts Business Model

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