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It was another crazy week in AI news.

On the heals of Google's AI announcement, OpenAI launches ChatGPT4 Omni (o). What does the new iteration mean for creators and marketers?

If that wasn't enough, TikTok is upgrading its algorithm with AI. Thank you (not so much).

And is the beef between Kendrick and Drake real? We think it's marketing.

Hits and misses include John Mulaney's new show and Prof G's podcast strategy.

Rants and raves include OEF's 100 Holes of Golf model and more on MarTech cuts.

This week's links:

OpenAI Releases Omni

TikTok Is Testing AI in Algo

The Drake/Kendrick Beef

John Mulaney's New Show

Prof G Markets Podcast

OEF's 100 Holes of Golf

MarTech Spending Falls

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