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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss how unfair it is to major publishers that Facebook opened up instant articles to everyone. The BBC restructures away from television and Google drops right-side ads on the desktop. Rants and raves include Buzzfeed's email traffic and yet another "Content Marketing Is Dead" article.  This week's TOM example: Altair Engineering and Concept To Reality magazine.

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This Old Marketing
Altair Engineering's C2R:


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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert report on Time buying MySpace (which actually has very little to do with myspace). Twitter announces an opt-in feed change that will most likely go "Full Facebook" in six months, while new research asserts that brands are creating more content with even less engagement.  Rants and raves include the economics of native advertising and Frank Underwood.  This week's TOM example: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

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My Space And Its Owner Acquired by Time

What Marketers Need to Know About Twitters New Algorithmic Catch up Feed
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#ThisOldMarketing - Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead & Breville
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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss what you can really buy for the price of a Super Bowl advertisement. Gary V gets into the publishing business, and LinkedIn announces ditching its Bizo purchase...while the WSJ decides to drop LinkedIn from its sharing buttons.  Rants and raves includes the trust advisor model and why Buffer dropped its enewsletter subscribe form.  This week's TOM example: Foley Engines.

What $5 Million Can Buy In Digital Media

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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss why publishing an article anywhere but Medium might be a good thing.  PwC launches research about the state of content marketing in enterprises, and the Guardian goes "full monty" with labeling native advertising as paid content on their website.  Rants and raves include the evolution of content marketing and Joe's level of exhaustion.  Today's TOM Example: Chief Optimist by Xerox.

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Anywhere But Medium
Most Organizations Still Struggling to Deliver Personalized Content, Says Forbes Insights/PwC Report
The Guardian Is Now Calling Native Ads Paid Content
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#ThisOldMarketing - Chief Optimist by Xerox


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