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Joe and Robert review the top US Media Trends, which include local newspapers, the future of television, and how Facebook is just getting started. In other news, Edison Research finds that Facebook is indeed dominating the smartphone, while there still might be opportunities in podcasting.  Rants and raves include last-click attribution and Walkers Crisps. This week's TOM example: Williams Sonoma.

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5 US Media Trends To Keep An Eye On

Edison Research Releases Social Sharing In The Mobile World Report

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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss why (and if) corporate storytelling is fading and, if so, what are the solutions. The publisher is still a critical position and Conde Naste launches eCommerce boxes. Rants and raves include McDonald's and Daddy hair care.  This week's TOM example: Jan van der Heijden.

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Don’t Get Rid Of The Publisher Position Just Yet
Conde Naste Sees Commerce Opportunity With Branded Subscription Boxes

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This Old Marketing - Jan van der Heijden
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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss the latest financial report from Snapchat and how Snap needs to focus on their targeted audience and revenue per user. Then, in a Gartner article, the boys discuss that inside the next decade, content marketing will be so embedded into marketing that it will lose its name. Rants and raves include Wendy's chicken nuggets and the Vivendi/Havas merger. This week's TOM example: United Feature Syndicate.

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Snap Is Losing Twice As Much Money This Year As Last

Marketing Content or Content Marketing

The CMO Role Is Shifting in 2017


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THIS OLD MARKETING - United Feature Syndicate

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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert kick off the show with old-time manufacturer Whirlpool buying recipe media site Yummly (What does this means for brands of all sizes?). In other news, Google and Facebook need to take more responsibility for their content as true media companies, and Forrester proclaims that the end of advertising is near.  Rants and raves include John Green and Airbnb. This week's This Old Marketing example: UnitedHealthcare.

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WhirlPool Acquires Yummly

Time Facebook And Google Accept They Are Publishers With Responsibilities

Forrester Sees Advertiser Revolt As The Beginning Of The End

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TOM - UnitedHealthcare

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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss and compare the Heineken ad everyone is talking about, and why it's probably not a whole lot different than the Pepsi ad from a few weeks ago. ESPN decides to cut 100 on-air content creators, while the New York Times finally launches on Snapchat.  Rants and raves include AT&T's home page and net neutrality. This week's TOM example: Pirelli tires.

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