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In this episode number 98, Joe and Robert continue to explore the world of ad blocking. Are Apple, Google and Facebook all in this together, or are they conspiring against each other?  Could there be a world in the future with all digital ads as content?  In other news, Google launches mass a Gmail retargeting program to an inbox near you.  Facebook launches 360 video, while Facebook Signal goes for the Twitter death march.  Rants and raves include content strategy salaries and a great example of native advertising.  This week's #ThisOldMarketing example: The House of Mewar (India).

This week's story links:

ScribbleLive Raises 35 Million In Expansion Round Funding

The Ad Blocking Controversy Explained
paired with….
Welcome to Hell - Apple Vs. Google Vs. Facebook and the Slow Death of the Web
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Google Is Matching Facebook’s Targeting Capability

Facebook Launches 360 Degree Videos
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Facebook Launches Signal - A Way For Journalists To Gather News Without Twitter

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Number Crunch: How a Content Marketing Platform Saves Time and Money
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Robert's Raves
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In this episode number 97, Joe and Robert discuss the launch of Apple's IOS9 update and what it means for publishers and brands as it pertains to advertising and content blockers. Following on that, the boys discuss the future of digital advertising, in particular native advertising, where Joe and Robert analyze a number of charts on the present situation with native.  Twitter and Bloomberg partner on a key data deal, and Facebook announces the "dislike" button (or something like it). Rants and raves include content marketing measurement and the content marketing hype cycle.  This week's #ThisOldMarketing example: Burger Chef.

This week's articles include:

A Correction from last week.. John Cleese…

IOS9’s Ad blocking features - will not only be for ads but... well for a lot of things…
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Advertising’s Existential Moment - the Value of Traditional Advertising is no longer clear
Consumers Can’t Tell The Difference Between Sponsored content and Editorial
Twitter Announces New Deal with Bloomberg - Value of Social Data
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In this post-Content Marketing World episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss how content is moving to the middle, and investments in content marketing technology top the $1 billion mark.  Just 17% can follow the buyer's journey and GroupM announce a deal with Buzzfeed that may or may not be big news.  On the paper front, Uber announces a new "in car" magazine, which is printed...on real paper.  Rants and raves include Beth Comstock of GE and John Cleese.  This week's TOM example: The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing.

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Buzzed makes deal with agency - for preferential rates and technology

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This week's TOM Example: The Story of Content
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In this pre-Content Marketing World podcast number 95, Joe and Robert talk about Newscred's $42 million dollar round and what it means for the content marketing industry.  Google pushes hard on native ads inside Gmail, and what's wrong with content calendars (hint: you'll find out)?  Rumors swirl around Apple launching original programming, and a CMO survey says content development tops the budget charts for 2016.  Rants and raves include an "ode to Joe" and a publishing crisis.  This week's TOM example: Weight Watchers.

This week's story links:

NewsCred Raises $42 Milion and sets its sights beyond content marketing
Google launches new native ad format in Gmail
The 10 commandments of Content Marketing
Apple Eyes Move Into Original Programming Exclusive
How CMO’s Are Spending Across the Customer Buying Cycle
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Joe's Rant link on Ad blocker crisis -
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