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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss the very funny South Park episode all about sponsored content and native advertising.  Yahoo! experiments with actually blocking ad blockers, and Google Plus gets a makeover, but it is worth it to take a second look?  Rants and raves include Seth Godin and Alibaba buying a media company.  This week's TOM example: The Chicken Whisperer.

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In this special Thanksgiving episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss the amazing new content marketing launch for Y Combinator called "The Macro". Facebook Instant Articles is (surprise, surprise) not working for the 20 publishers...Robert Rose has a solution that involves content syndication, not advertising. In addition, the boys strongly disagree with a Gerry McGovern post about quality content.  Rants and raves include what is NOT content marketing.  This week's TOM example: US Military Hospitals.

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Facebook Instant Articles

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Y Combinator Launches The Macro

Less Content Marketing, More Quality Content

B2B Data Driven Trends

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Rants and Raves

8 Examples of Content Marketing



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In this week's episode, Joe and Robert discuss why YouTube has a leg up on the streaming music business, and someone actually wants to kill the term native advertising.  Dollar Shave Club launches a new content marketing program called MEL, and the boys fight over whether it's transparent enough.  Rants and raves include NYTimes Virtual Reality project and a Wharton article.  This week's TOM example: Fold Factory.

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YouTube Opens Enormous Music Collection To All

Can We Kill The Term Native Advertising?

Dollar Shave Club Launches Mens Interest Editorial Destination

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Robert's Rant
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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss the latest findings on Facebook, specifically how Facebookers are turning into lurkers and moving away from actually creating content.  Ad blockers are transforming the next level of the web and one startup goes big by launching a documentary. Rants and raves include Amazon launching a physical bookstore and Activision launches a film studio.  This week's TOM example: Interface Age Magazine.

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9 Fascinating Stats In Digital Marketing this Last Week

Ad Blockers And The Next Chapter Of The internet

Inside Story On Design Disruptors Documentary Film

Publishers Create New Job “Platform Wranglers"

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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss some major plays in podcasting, from Google Play adding podcasts to Serial's deal with Pandora.  PewDiePie says that the reason YouTube is launching YouTube Red is because of ad blockers (is he right?) and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook believes that ads make Facebook better (really?).  Rants and raves include IBM buying part of the Weather Channel and Nike should buy  This week's TOM example: Pro Football Talk.

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Google Gets Back Into Podcast Distribution
Pandora Exclusive Streaming Partner for Serial
PewdiePie Says Ad Blockers Lead to YouTube Red
Zuckerberg Talks about the Crowding of Ads Vs. Content
Brands It’s You Not Consumers
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