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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert go in-depth into YouTube's decision to "force" content creators to be part of their new paid subscription program - YouTube Red.  Adobe releases some interesting research on consumer behavior and content (hint: focus on the mobile experience) and the boys dissect some interesting research on the future of digital.  Rants and raves include why publishers are missing the boat.  This week's TOM example of the week: Johnson & Johnson and BabyCenter.


YouTube Will Completely Remove Videos Of Creators Who Don’t Sign Its Red Subscription Deal

Epic Deck From Yahoo - Predicts What’s Happening In Tech and Media

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#ThisOldMarketing - J&J's BabyCenter
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In this episode number 101, Joe and Robert discuss whether content marketing can save advertising.  Does it have to be either/or?  Actually, we think not.  Mitch Joel contends that it may be the end of blogging as we know it, and Pepsi's CMO thinks that digital agencies are destroying themselves.  Rants and raves include some sketchy content marketing stats and a native advertisement from LexCorp.  This week's #ThisOldMarketing example: Westinghouse.

This week's articles:

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In this special 100th anniversary edition of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert do a little "celebration time" and reflect on the past 100 episodes.  The format is changed for this episode, and includes four major trends that Joe and Robert expect to see in 2016, as well as some major content marketing predictions for 2017.  Discussed topics include quality vs. quantity, the rise of the content brand, content marketing M&A, and a battle on terminology.  This week's TOM example: Content Marketing Institute.

This week's links:

1. Less Velocity, More Quality

Marcus Sheridan - who thinks the debate is a false choice

Doug Kessler’s Crap The Single Biggest Threat to B2B Content Marketing

Robert Rose - Post on 2015 State of The Enterprise of Content Marketing

2. Content Marketing M&A on the Rise

2014 Biggest Acquisitions

Content Moves To The Middle -

How Much Investment Money Is In Content Marketing Technology

3. The Dawn of the Content Brand

Benefits of The Separate Content Site

Interview with Andrew Davis on Content Brands

LinkedIn Article on the 10 Most Influential Brands on LinkedIn

4. A Focus on Terms, and getting them right - ala Content Marketing vs. Branded Content/Native Advertising/Inbound Marketing

Can We Just please stop using the words Branded Content

10 Content Marketing Buzzwords You’re Going To hear Way Too Much
Released in January of this year:
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In this episode of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss Jay Acunzo's fantastic report on content marketing pods, possibly a better way to structure teams for content marketing.  The Washington Post announces that they are going to distribute every article they have directly on Facebook, and Twitter shocks the world by getting rid of tweet counts.  Rants and raves include who's going to save advertising and a new solution for print newspapers.  This week's TOM example: Thomas Edison.

This week's articles:

Rethinking How We Structure Content Marketing Teams: The Pod Approach
The Only Game In Town Why The Washington Post Is Pushing All its Content to Facebook Instant Articles
Twitter Removing Share Counts 
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Rants and Raves
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