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News this week as Florida governor Ron DeSantis signs a law restricting social media access for children. Is this the first step to full-on social media verification or just another fruitless attempt to tell people how to parent?

Trump's Truth Social goes public and hits meme stock territory. How long with the party last?

Spotify adds video learning to its platform. Is YouTube in Spotify's sights?

And print is back baby!

Hits and misses include a Ryan's World movie and Comscore. Rants and raves include rants against Accenture and Meta's Threads.

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This week's links:

Florida Age-Gating Law

Trump's Truth Social Meme Stock

Truth Social's Revenue Problem

Spotify Adds Video Learning

Print On the Move

Pew Research on Print

Comscore Deal

Ryan's World Movie

Accenture and Adobe AI Release

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