This Old Marketing

In this New Year's edition of #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert discuss the most recent FTC statement on native advertising and what it means to brands and publishers.  Forbes announces a "light ad" site for ad blockers and ANA chooses "content marketing" as the phrase of the year.  The boys cap it off with another Medium story, and why CEO Ev Williams is a master seducer.  Rants and raves include YouTube vs. Facebook and The Business Romantic.  This week's TOM example: Komputronik buys Benchmark.

This week's news stories:

Forbes blocks Ad Blockers

ANA Says “content marketing” is this Year’s word of the year

Medium’s Ev Williams: ‘It’s Going to Make Less and Less Sense to Publish on the Web

#ThisOldMarketing - Poland's Komputronik Buys Benchmark
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